All About… Recycling at Quantum South

Recycling is good for everyone – it lowers the cost to residents for garbage pickup, as waste is diverted from landfill, helps keep our taxes lower, since the City doesn’t need to find additional landfill site, and benefits the planet!

At Quantum South, garbage is sorted into five types of disposables – green waste (green bin), plastic & paper waste (blue bin), special items, electronics, and plain old garbage.

If you’ve ever been a little confused with all of the signage in the garbage rooms, here’s a quick guide to what goes where!

Green Waste – goes into the free standing green bin in every garbage room. Please use kitchen compost bags.  What’s included:  pretty much anything related to food preparation (vegetable peels, coffee grounds & filters, tea bags, food of any kind, egg shells, meat & bones, house plants, kitty litter, and even diapers.  Get the full list of what is and isn’t collected in green bins here.

Plastic & Paper – goes into the shute labelled ‘Recycling’.  No bagging required. What’s included: paper (telephone books, newspaper, fine paper, etc.), plastic containers and jars, glass containers and jars, milk & juice cartons (eg: tetrapak), metal cans, cardboard food containers, aluminum pie plates and containers, stretchy plastic (eg: shopping bags), cardboard boxes* and clear plastic clamshell, egg carton, and other food containers.  Get the full list of what’s collected in blue bins here.

Special items* – We’re looking at you, pizza boxes & large cardboard boxes!  Both of these items tend to jam up the garbage shutes.  This is both an inconvenience to anyone trying to take out their garbage, and increases our labour costs, so please leave these items on their sides in the garbage room OR drop them off in the loading dock off the lobby.

Electronics & batteries – goes into the light green electronic waste bin in the mailroom just off the lobby.  What’s included: batteries, cell phones, computers.  For your privacy, please ensure that your personal information is cleared from any item you recycle.  And, in the event you’ve won the lottery and have a lot of electronic recycling to do, Best Buy at 2400 Yonge St  offers free recycling for cameras, camcorders, cell phones, batteries (under 5lbs), and large items such as TVs, monitors, computers, laptops, printers, home A/V equipment (limit of 2 large items/day).

Regular garbage – goes into the shute labelled ‘Garbage’.  Must be bagged.  This is pretty much anything that can’t be recycled in the categories above.  Get the full list of what’s considered garbage here.


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