All About…Pets at Quantum South

At Quantum, we know your pets are members of the family, and we’re happy to be a pet-friendly building.

Whether your pet is a dog, cat, fish, bird or guinea pig, it’s welcome at Quantum South.

Here are few things, pet owners might find useful to know….

  1.  cat litter is recyclable (details in the recycling blog post here).
  2. all pets must be on a leash or in a crate while they’re in the common areas (eg: hallways, lobby, etc).
  3. the courtyard grass is not meant for dogs to pee on (sorry!).
  4. dog walkers routinely service the Quantum South building.  Ask your fellow dog owners for recommendations.
  5. there are two pet food stores within 7 blocks of Quantum South:  Pet Value, Global Pet Foods.  Local grocery stores Loblaws and Metro have a good selection of dog and cat food.
  6. there are many great vet clinics located near Quantum South.  You can find a list of Yelp’s top ten here, or ask fellow pet owners for their recommendations.

Welcome. Woof. Meow!


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