All About…Holding an Event at Quantum South

I have to host a dinner / cocktail party for HOW many people?  Ah, the holidays.  So much to do and so little time.  If you’re the lucky family member responsible for hosting a holiday meal, or need to host a cocktail event, or party, don’t freak out and book a flight out of town….there are options!


party-room-off-lobbyThe party room:  located off the main lobby, the party room is an ideal place to host a meal, party, or reception for up to 50 people comfortably.

What you need to know:

  • the party room must be booked in advance – ask the concierge or the management office for the booking form.
  • There is a small cost, and if your party has more than 20 people attending, you’ll need to pay for an additional security guard.
  • party room rental also includes the use of the pool and games room (great for kids/bored teenagers).
  • if you’re not doing a potluck (helloooo Aunt Emily’s chili), any caterer in or out of the neighbourhood can get you set up.
  • if you insist on making all the food yourself, you’ll need to rent glassware, dishes, etc.  Most party rental places will deliver directly to Quantum South for a fee.  Plus, if you rent dishes, you can return them dirty (it’s all covered in the rental cost).
  • want a bar?  You won’t need a liquor permit as long as you’re not selling drinks.


Restaurants – there are many restaurants within blocks of Quantum South, and some offer private rooms for functions.

What you need to know:

  1.  book early.  During holidays and prime wedding season (eg: summer months), private rooms get booked early.
  2. consider booking the entire restaurant.  If you’re holding a larger event (eg: 50+ people), you may want to book the whole restaurant for a pre-set period.  Speak to the owner/manager of your favourite restaurant to find out what the options are available.


Rental Venues – there are a variety of interesting venues (both with and without catering) available in the neighbourhood.  Those who don’t cater as part of their service will likely ask you to use one of their dedicated suppliers.  This is a good thing, because these companies know the venue well, and will make sure your event goes smoothly.


Happy holidays and bon appétit !



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