All About…Parking at Quantum South

You’ve probably already got your parking spot as a resident but just in case you’re looking for a rental spot, or you have company coming and want to give them information about where to park at Midtown Quantum South, read on….

The parking for Quantum South (and North) is located beneath the south tower.  Access to the parking garage is off Yonge Street (look for the entrance lane by the TD bank sign, just north of Sudan), or off Cowbell Lane (which runs parallel to Yonge Street, with access via Sudan Avenue).

Visitor parking is located on P1.  For visitors, keep a look out for the elevator lobby for the South Tower when entering P1.  If you park further to the back of P1, you’ll also see the elevator lobby for the North Tower!  The P1 visitor parking elevator takes visitors to the lobby of 2179 Yonge (the professional building in front of the South Tower). To get to the South Tower, just look to the right as you leave the parking elevator ground level lobby and you’ll see the entrance to the South Tower.

parking-rates-nov-2016New parking rates for P1 are shown in the image to the left.  Please note that P1 parking operation is NOT run or managed by the Quantum South Tower management team.

Resident parking is assigned by floor and parking space number on P2 – P5.  Access to resident parking levels is available only with your key fob, so keep your keys handy when you’re returning home.

If you’re looking to rent a parking spot by the month or longer, check out the notices on the bulletin board in the mail room off the main lobby.

Need a car wash?  A car car wash area is located on P5 (turn right at the stop sign on P5).  The car wash area has both hot and cold water, and a vacuum, so all you’ll need is a sponge, soap and a bucket.  Weekends are the busiest time for the car wash area so be patient, or try using it on a week night.


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