Where Can I Find the …at Quantum South

Just moved in and not sure where everything is?  Here’s a quick list of where you can find everything at Quantum South!


Business Centre – 2nd floor

Conference Room – in the Business Centre on the 2nd floor.

Donation bin for clothing – in the shipping dock/garbage area to the left off the door.

Gym – 2nd floor

Luggage carts – stored in the service elevator corridor, off the lobby

Mail room – off the lobby (between the party room entrance and the wall water feature).

Movie/Home Theatre room – 2nd floor

Overnight Guest Rooms – 2nd floor

Passenger pickup/drop off – behind the building, entrance off Cowbell Lane.

Parcel pick up/envelopes for pick up – check in with the concierge in the main lobby.

Party room – off the main lobby.

Pool, Sauna, & Hot Tub – 2nd floor

Shipping dock & garbage area – through the door in the lobby labelled ‘service elevator’ between the mail room and the wall water feature.


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