Walking the Neighbourhood Around Quantum South

Did you know that Walk Score gives the neighbourhood around the Quantum South Tower a WalkScore of 98/100?

But you probably don’t need a WalkScore to know that you can walk to the grocery store, the library, the LCBO, shops, great restaurants, and the subway!

If you enjoy walking for its own sake, as well as a way to get to your destination, then you might want to check out some great walking areas in the neighbourhood.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery – founded in 1876, the cemetery grounds offer 1km, 3km, and 5km walking and running routes through its beautifully landscaped grounds.  Open daily dawn to dusk.  Dogs ok if on leash.

Kay Gardner Beltline Parkoriginally the site of the Toronto Belt Line Railway, which opened in 1892, the site is now a 9km walking/cycling trail.  Dogs ok if on leash. 

Sherwood Park –  A 2.3km trail along Burke Brook that connects to Sunnybrook Park. Dog friendly, there’s even an off-leash area.

Sunnybrook Park – formerly a 175 acre farm, the site is now a large public park.  Dog friendly.

Happy trails!


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