BuildingLink: Online, All the Time

So, you’ve moved in and you now know where everything is….what’s next?  Take full advantage of everything Quantum South has to offer, and sign up for BuildingLink.

BuildingLink is a customized online portal just for residents of Quantum South.  You can get a username and password by emailing the building management office (

What makes BuildingLink so great?  It’s your online, always-open gateway to everything at Quantum South.  And you can access it from anywhere you have a web connection.

There are three basic categories in the BuildingLink portal – my building, neighbornet, and services.

In the ‘my building’ tab you can find contact emails for various services at Quantum South, leave instructions for the concierge, book an elevator or any other amenity, read building notices, find out if your package has arrived, or view all of the activities happening in the building calendar.

In the ‘neighbornet’ tab you can post items on the bulletin board, or go to the pet park area and e-meet your four-legged neighbours.

In the ‘services’ tab, you can see a list of local vendors for a variety of services.




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