TTC’s Eglinton Station South Entrance Gets an Update

Aaaand, finally! Presto has been installed in the Eglinton Station South entrance. Gone are the 1950’s token turnstiles (ever tried to get through one of those with a coffee in your hand? Good luck). Goodbye Venus flytrap exit turnstiles that made leaving the subway with shopping next to impossible.

What’s Great – getting into the station from Eglinton’s south entrance (right across the street from the South Tower) is now awesomely easy. The swipe readers on the automated gates work well for metropasses (not always the case on the old turnstiles).

What’s Still a Work in Progress – Presto hasn’t rolled out everywhere on the TTC yet, and there are still some reliability issues. Also, if you’re still using tokens or tickets, you’ll eventually be forced to use the main TTC entrance at Yonge & Eglinton, once the south entrance becomes fully automated.

Metropass holders – metropass rates are scheduled to be available on Presto at some point in 2017.


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