TTC’s Eglinton Station South Entrance Gets an Update

Aaaand, finally! Presto has been installed in the Eglinton Station South entrance. Gone are the 1950's token turnstiles (ever tried to get through one of those with a coffee in your hand? Good luck). Goodbye Venus flytrap exit turnstiles that made leaving the subway with shopping next to impossible. What's Great - getting into the … Continue reading TTC’s Eglinton Station South Entrance Gets an Update


BuildingLink: Online, All the Time

So, you've moved in and you now know where everything is....what's next?  Take full advantage of everything Quantum South has to offer, and sign up for BuildingLink. BuildingLink is a customized online portal just for residents of Quantum South.  You can get a username and password by emailing the building management office ( What makes … Continue reading BuildingLink: Online, All the Time

How Can I Book…at Quantum South

Need to reserve an elevator, reserve a guest room, book the party room, get your dry cleaning picked up, or leave an envelope to be picked up in the lobby? Here's what you need to know for booking: An elevator:  if you're having large items (furniture, appliances, etc.) delivered to Quantum South, you'll need to … Continue reading How Can I Book…at Quantum South

Walking the Neighbourhood Around Quantum South

Did you know that Walk Score gives the neighbourhood around the Quantum South Tower a WalkScore of 98/100? But you probably don't need a WalkScore to know that you can walk to the grocery store, the library, the LCBO, shops, great restaurants, and the subway! If you enjoy walking for its own sake, as well as … Continue reading Walking the Neighbourhood Around Quantum South

Where Can I Find the …at Quantum South

Just moved in and not sure where everything is?  Here's a quick list of where you can find everything at Quantum South!   Business Centre - 2nd floor Conference Room - in the Business Centre on the 2nd floor. Donation bin for clothing - in the shipping dock/garbage area to the left off the door. … Continue reading Where Can I Find the …at Quantum South

All About…Parking at Quantum South

You've probably already got your parking spot as a resident but just in case you're looking for a rental spot, or you have company coming and want to give them information about where to park at Midtown Quantum South, read on.... The parking for Quantum South (and North) is located beneath the south tower.  Access … Continue reading All About…Parking at Quantum South

All About…Holding an Event at Quantum South

I have to host a dinner / cocktail party for HOW many people?  Ah, the holidays.  So much to do and so little time.  If you're the lucky family member responsible for hosting a holiday meal, or need to host a cocktail event, or party, don't freak out and book a flight out of town....there … Continue reading All About…Holding an Event at Quantum South

All About…Pets at Quantum South

At Quantum, we know your pets are members of the family, and we're happy to be a pet-friendly building. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, fish, bird or guinea pig, it's welcome at Quantum South. Here are few things, pet owners might find useful to know....  cat litter is recyclable (details in the recycling … Continue reading All About…Pets at Quantum South